The 2014 Kavli Prize Awards Ceremony at the Oslo Concert hall (Credit: Thomas Barstad Eckhoff)

KAVLI PRIZE WEEK is a series of events and dialogues on science, including the Kavli Prize Ceremony at the Oslo Concert Hall -- the signature event during Kavli Prize week held in honor of the Kavli Prize Laureates. This extraordinary event is a celebration of science and the arts presided over by His Majesty King Harald and held at the Oslo Concert Hall -- one of the most important cultural institutions of Norway. Attending is an international audience that, along with the public, includes peers and guests of the laureates, as well as leading representatives of science from around the world.

Held primarily in Oslo, the week includes lectures by the laureates on their groundbreaking discoveries, a special banquet held in honor of the laureates, and science symposia on the three prize fields. Popular lectures and presentations are also held in Oslo and Trondheim.