2008 Kavli Prize Week Overview

Your Brain's Cognitive Map

The Deepest Sound in Space

Blue Sky Science

CRISPR in Context

Held primarily in Oslo, Norway, Kavli Prize Week was a series of events and dialogues on science, including the Kavli Prize Ceremony held in honor of the 2008 Kavli Prize Laureates and attended by HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway.

(All times in CEST)

Monday, September 8

10am - 12:00pm: Public Awareness Lectures
Location: University Aula

        • Dr. Jill Tarter, U.S.
          "Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence: The Quest To Find Inhabitants Of Habitable Worlds"
        • Professor Thomas Ebbesen, Université Louis-Pasteur, Strasbourg, France
          "What is Nanoscience?"
        • Professor Per Andersen, University of Oslo, Norway
          "The Brain - the essence of Man!"

12:30pm - 6pm: The Kavli Prize Symposia

  • The Kavli Prize Symposium in Astrophysics
    Location: Nasjonalbiblioteket (National Library)
  • The Kavli Prize Symposium in Nanoscience
    Location: The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  • The Kavli Prize Symposium in Neuroscience
    Location: Gamle festsal (Old Festival Hall)


Tuesday, September 9 (All times CEST)

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm: The Kavli Prize Award Ceremony
Location: Oslo Concert Hall

7:00 pm: The Kavli Prize Banquet
Location: Oslo City Hall (By invitation only,)


Wednesday, September 10 (All times CEST)

10 am - 12 pm: The Kavli Prize Lectures
Location: University Campus, Blindern

  • The Lecture in Astrophysics:
    Professor Maarten Schmidt, California Institute of Technology, US
    "The Discovery of Quasars"
  • The Lecture in Nanoscience:
    Professor Sumio Iijima, Meijo University, Japan
    "Carbon nanotube and electron microscopy"
  • The Lecture in Nanoscience:
    Professor Thomas M. Jessell, Columbia University, US
    "The Assembly of a Sensory-Motor Circuit"